New Tech Provides Businesses with Modern Payment Solutions from OneConnectProcessing

We’re going to take a trip down memory lane to just a decade ago. As of 2009, the iPhone from Apple was only two years old and the ability for us to check in on bank account balances was limited to having desktop computer access. Being able to swipe your bank card through a device attached to the iPhone — or any new “smart” phone for that matter — was a pipe dream. We won’t even mention recent apps that allow people to pay each other through the program without ever having to exchange cash. The point here is this: Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. For business owners who need to worry about keeping goods in stock and customers happy, having to keep tabs on new tech takes away from valuable time spent running the business. When a business owner partners with OneConnectProcessing, they gain an ally that values keeping up with payment innovations. In this article, well explore reasons why having a payment processing company on your side can lead to more closed sales.

Back to basics: For entrepreneurs who operate a brick-and-mortar store, the traditional cash register isn’t what it used to be. Customers are using credit and debit cards with increasing regularity and as such, the need to be able to “break a $50” or count coins is on a downward trend. With point-of-sale systems, shoppers can use their major credit and debit cards with confidence; security and convenience are standard offerings. Businesses that are working with OneConnectProcessing can also rest assured that the payments they’ve received are being promptly processed.

Online solutions: Consumers no longer have reservations about buying items online and entering their bank account information into websites. Given this advancement, it would be wise for businesses to install eCommerce tools on their website that allow for shopping, check-out, payment and processing. OneConnectProcessing has addressed this issue and gives companies the ability to install a “shopping cart” device and payment gateway so website visitors can easily collect the goods they need to make a payment directly from their bank account. The alternative to not having these tools installed is website visitors browsing on over to a different site and closing their deal there.

Meeting demand: The aforementioned point about smartphone compatibility is something we could have hardly conceived a decade ago. Today, however, everyone from landscaping companies to tattoo artists can plug a wireless mobile card reader into their iPhone and accept compensation for goods and services. This tool from OneConnectProcessing is perfect for workers who are either on the move or do not have a dedicated office and are committed to not losing any sales in the process.

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