All Industries Can Benefit From These Payment Solutions From One Connect Processing


It’s every business’ dream: a long line of customers with a handful of goods ready to check out. However, this can be a double-edged sword for the unprepared. For brick-and-mortar businesses without the right tools, processing these transactions can prove to be a prolonged process. For online stores, not having an e-commerce platform is immediately decreasing possible revenue. For everyone in-between who knows that cash is no longer king, there needs to be payment processing options to keep things moving. One Connect Processing, a tailor-made provider of merchant services as well as payment management solutions, individual goals can finally be met. In this article, we’ll explore reasons why choosing One Connect Processing could shift your business into high-gear in 2019 and beyond.

Checkout Counter Essentials: In the not-so-distant future, paying for products in cash is going to feel as antiquated as writing a check at the supermarket. Payment cards are king and businessowners need to invest in the infrastructure that turns the swipe of plastic and entering of PIN number into revenue. One Connect Processing helps accomplish this through point-of-sale equipment and software that accepts all major forms of payment. With this added convenience, customers will be able to use keypads and card-readers and never have to worry about having enough cash on hand to complete the transaction.

Digital Shopping Carts: According to a 2019 article from, online shopping “has become a lifestyle” and recent statistics show that nearly 60 percent of consumers favor this method over other ways of securing goods and services. “The ease of researching, buying, shipping and the huge availability of options from small retailers to large brands is driving more consumers online than ever before,” the article states. If you don’t your business to get left behind, One Connect Processing has developed e-commerce platforms that give customers all they could possibly need to make online transactions. Think about the “payment gateways” or “shopping carts” you’ve used as a consumer yourself; now realize how essential they are for folks trying to secure items your company offers.

Point-of-Sale that’s On-the-Go: Even more modern than digital check-out aisles are wireless mobile card readers. This is a point-of-sale (POS) that’s on-the-go and allows your small business to set up shop at a downtown festival or craft fair and accept card payments on the spot. These devices typically require a smartphone to work and will allow customers to sign for their purchases, too. One Connect Processing has taken time to develop a mobile POS that boasts the latest in security measures, allowing customers to confidently enter personal payment information no matter where you’re doing business.

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