Customer Convenience Increases When Merchants Use Tools from One Connect Processing

One Connect Processing mobile credit card processor to take customer payment at pizza shop

Whether the “rush” at your business comes at 7 a.m. or 7 p.m., you’re going to need effective means of processing customer payments. That’s because customers expect to be able to take advantage of various forms of payment — and why shouldn’t they? The local economy no longer hinges on the exchange of hard cash for goods and service; we’re able to use bank cards, online ordering via eCommerce tools, card-not-present phone orders and more. The essential part of this puzzle, however, is having the hardware and software from One Connect Processing to complete the transaction.

We’ll start from the perspective of a small business owner. Customers standing in line are likely going to want to use their debit or credit cards to pay for their orders, as this method has rapidly replaced cash. To swipe these cards, the business owner must have a card reader and point-of-sale (POS) system that streamlines things while simultaneously speeding them up. One Connect Processing can offer this and more, as clients have quickly learned thanks to friendly and fruitful interactions with their regular customers.

The digital revolution has made online storefronts an essential part of any prospering business plan. To support this endeavor, One Connect Processing is proud to offer smooth and seamless eCommerce checkout options. When a shopper visits your website with the intention of making a purchase without having an in-store visit, they are going to add items to a digital “shopping cart” and pay via a gateway. With a simple and secure process on your side, it’s never been easier to increase online revenue. In this same vein, One Connect Processing also offers mail and telephone-order payment options for those doing some shopping from the comfort of their own home. All it takes on the merchant’s end is to have the programs that are going to be able to process major credit and debit cards.

Finally, One Connect Processing has also developed tools for those who find themselves working in a different environment on a daily basis. With a wireless mobile card reader, you can swipe a card on-the-go and accept payments other than cash. Imagine the possibilities: an impromptu transaction between friends, a traveling photographer or in-home physical fitness trainer who makes house calls all day long. All it takes is a simple swipe and you’ve been paid for your goods and services!